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    PPMA has many great tools and features that save time and increase workflow. Click on the tabs and take a look.

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  • Status Reporting

    Create beautifully presented, professional status reports quickly and easily. Export to PDF or PowerPoint in a few clicks.

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  • Resource Balancer

    This tool simply cuts through the complicated task of knowing who is doing what, where and when in your organisation.

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  • Executive Scorecards

    We believe that people are more engaged when you create something they want to use rather than something they have to use.

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  • PM Workbook

    Bringing it all together for the Project Manager. The PM Workbook pulls data together from various sources into one simple tabbed page.

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  • Financial Analysis

    Using ‘Agreed Visual Frameworks” our financial dashboards indicate the overall financial health clearly to users at any level.

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  • Recording Time

    Speed up the whole timesheet process with our clean a simple tool. Banish the Friday time sheet blues with a welcoming and intuitive experience.

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  • Agile Delivery

    The adaptability of our product means you can configure project types and processes that are suitable for any delivery methodology.

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  • Multi-slide ppt export
    Process driven workflows & templates
    Configurable Landing pages

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