Our people, our tools, our solutions

Software as a service

With our state-of-the-art infrastructure and hosting services we ensure you are able to access your solution at all times.


Simple Businesses, Complex Organisations; We have seen it all. Fast track your knowledge by harnessing our experience and success.

Managed Services

Achieve consistent long-term ROI and turn business processes into repeatable and predictable success.


Make it simple enough for your entire team

Create something a designer would love

Create a robust repository of accurate data

Make it collaorative - with no more data silos

Teams are more engaged when they have something they want to use rather than something they have to use

Increasing Engagement

Psychology and technology

This is a change. When you gain a greater understanding of individual user journeys, you can create the perfect marriage of psychology and technology. We strive to find the sweet spot between data science and beautiful intuitive tools.

Having a real understanding of user profiles allows us to answer some basic questions: How do our users operate within the business? How do they define their priorities? What are their goals? How much time do they have?

From here, we can create great tools and applications that help teams to get work done, make decisions, and plan with confidence. Our collaborative approach helps to build team engagement and avoid data silos.

Does it follow the ten-minute rule?

Making it simple and easy for teams to share data and collaborate within their network is key. Creating a status report or a time-sheet should take less than ten minutes

It's all about the approach

It is no longer the science of computing we’re dealing with, it’s the science of people.

Technology and user expectations are evolving. We all want fast pictorial snippets of information. Psychological studies into this area have shown that when it comes to adopting technology, people are much more likely to trust a piece of technology that’s both aesthetically attractive and familiar.

We create software developed with human behaviour in mind. By understanding users’ pain points through our constant feedback loops we can create simple, informative, and above all easy to consume software.

Our Dynamic Infographic Dashboards are constantly updating; or you can take a snapshot and produce an executive scorecard in a few clicks.