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How can you get stakeholders to engage

The problem? Human beings aren’t good at digesting reams of data. If you want to persuade stakeholders to take action, they will have to truly want to be engaged.


The goal is to inform others in a way that works, allowing for limited time available.



Learn how projects become more successful when stakeholders are engaged

Tips on getting your stakeholders to act on project information

See how basic human behaviour plays an important role

Stephen Brown
and Director
of Innovation, Polarisoft

About the Author

Stephen is Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Polarisoft. For the last 20 years, Stephen has been addressing the needs of businesses to consume and manage more and more information.

Advising some of the world’s largest companies on IT Strategy, he has shown how to create a significant return on investment on limited budget by implementing technology in very specific ways.

His passion for technology and simplicity has helped Polarisoft build solutions that not only function, but are intuitive and simple to use. Stephen is a graduate of Purdue University and shares his time between the US and London.