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How the 10 minute rule could save your project

Interaction with information in our business lives needs to be designed for how we live. Predictability is important. People don’t like something that hits them out of the blue or is a radical departure from what has happened in the past.

Learn how The 10 Minute Rule can improve a team’s collaborative performance.

Encourage a positive feedback loop to increase engagement with your information

See how shorter focused activity Increases engagement levels and prompts action.

Stephen Brown
and Director
of Innovation, Polarisoft

About the Author

Stephen is Co-Founder and Director of Innovation at Polarisoft. For the last 20 years, Stephen has been addressing the needs of businesses to consume and manage more and more information.

Advising some of the world’s largest companies on IT Strategy, he has shown how to create a significant return on investment on limited budget by implementing technology in very specific ways.

His passion for technology and simplicity has helped Polarisoft build solutions that not only function, but are intuitive and simple to use. Stephen is a graduate of Purdue University and shares his time between the US and London.